About us.

Food Communities Network – Réseau Communautés Nourricières (FCN-RCN) facilitates sharing ideas, knowledge, tools and experiences around building food resiliency and decreasing food insecurity across Indigenous Territories/Canada*, networking a wide diversity of communities, in both French and English.

Currently, 460 members and 100 associate members have joined this new network.

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*The language and framing of geography as Indigenous Territories/Canada is used in recognition of the co-governance on the lands of both Indigneous and settler/Canadian governments. While the network includes Indigenous actors working within both Indigenous and settler communities, this is not in reference to FCN-RCN taking leadership on Indigenous Food Sovereignty, as we seek to continuously learn from, and refer to, Indigenous leadership. FCN-RCN recognizes the historical and on-going manifestations of colonialism, racism and white supremacy within our food systems. FCN-RCN supporting team is committed to advancing this work in ways that highlight and challenge colonialism, racial injustices and other forms of discrimination.

Food Communities Network   |   Réseau Communautés nourricières   |   2023

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