Build resilient, food secure communities throughout Indigenous Territories/Canada*. 

The path to this goal:

  • Increase strategic alignment across food policy groups (FPGs), community networks and Indigenous, federal, provincial/territorial and regional/municipal government on approaches and action to reduce food insecurity and build food resilience.
  • Increase ongoing commitment of, and resources from, governments towards community-based food planning, policy and programs.
  • Enable communities to scale up, scale out and deepen their impact for greater food security and resilience in Indigenous Territories/Canada, not only affecting work at the community level, but additionally building capacity to bring leading community level expertise to provincial, federal and international tables.
*The language and framing of geography as Indigenous Territories/Canada is used in recognition of the co-governance on the lands of both Indigneous and Canadian governments.

FCN-RCN activities

  • Share newsletters with compiled, relevant information on community-wide food resilience.
  • Undertake research and collect resources about issues relevant to food communities and Food Policy Groups (FPGs). 
  • Support communities coast-to-coast-to-coast to develop or enhance Food Strategies, programs and policies.
  • Support the increase of resources on food planning, policy and programs, including dedicated positions within communities and local government.
  • Organize webinars and training to support implementing food strategies. 
  • Facilitate discussions about issues of relevance to FPGs.
  • Provide facilitation, resources, literature reviews, policy sharing, letters of support, peer-to-peer mentoring programs, etc. to members organizations to help them achieve community food resiliency goals. 
  • Develop, gather and distribute resources around best practices and lessons learned.

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