FCN-RCN organizes webinars that help our members strengthen food resilience in their communities. Webinars focus on practical information that members can use to develop or improve various tools such as food strategies and emergency food plans. Please see below a list of webinars that FCN-RCN organized in the past.

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Updating Emergency Food Plans post-COVID: Towards equitable and inclusive food system governance
January 28, 2022

In this webinar, researchers from the Centre for Studies in Food Security at X University (formally known as Ryerson University) will share preliminary results from the project titled ‘Preparing for food security after COVID-19: Strengthening equity and resiliency in future emergency response in Toronto’. This presentation details key findings from the research, exploring possible paths to equitable and inclusive food system governance at the community level, shifting our collective focus from dependency to self-determination, and potential avenues for strengthening municipal food system policy and practice. Sarah Edge, Jenelle Regnier-Davies and Joe Nasr will highlight the intersection and contrast between the perspectives of actors from community-based organisations and from the municipality.

How to Engage your Community for a Food Strategy – San Diego County Food Visions 2030
January 14, 2022

The San Diego Food System Alliance launched Food Vision 2030 – bold 10-year plan and movement for a more sustainable and just food system in the region. The Food Vision 2030 was developed through an inclusive process that engaged the broad community, particularly those who are most impacted by the inequalities of the food system. Rachel Oporto the Partnerships & Advocacy Manager at the San Diego Food System Alliance talks about the planning and development processes and the implementation of the 10 year plan, with a focus on how to emphasize and implement strong community engagement at various stages of food strategy development.

Conversations transformatrices sur le rôle des bailleurs de fonds dans le mouvement alimentaire
10 décembre, 2021

Les bailleurs de fonds jouent un rôle essentiel dans le renforcement de nos systèmes alimentaires. La société civile et les bailleurs de fonds doivent être alliés pour influencer les changements financiers et politiques. Lors de cette discussion virtuelle, nous réfléchirons à la manière dont les bailleurs de fonds peuvent soutenir au mieux la société civile et naviguer dans les espaces évolutifs et compliqués de nos systèmes alimentaires afin de parvenir à la sécurité alimentaire pour tous.

Conférencier : Nick Jacobs, directeur du Groupe international d’experts sur les systèmes alimentaires durables (IPES-Food) & Louise Vandelac, directrice du CREPPA.

Modératrice : Anne Marie Aubert, coordonnatrice, Conseil du système alimentaire montréalais

Public Perspectives on Food Insecurity in Canada
December 7, 2021

In June 2021, the Maple Leaf Centre for Action on Food Security conducted a survey with the Gandalf Group to better understand public sentiment on food insecurity and other social issues. The results reveal useful insights about general awareness and understanding of food insecurity in Canada, and how organisations can better craft public messaging about the issue.

Please join FCN-RCN, the Maple Leaf Centre for Action on Food Security & David Herle of the Gandalf Group, partnering on a virtual presentation and discussion of the key insights of the research.

FCR-RCN Lancement de la trousse Stratégie alimentaire
Le 14 octobre, 2021

Dans ce webinaire découvrir la nouvelle trousse d’outils de la stratégie alimentair et écoutez Barbara Emanuel et Anne-Marie Aubert qui partageront leurs expériences sur leur travail qui comprenait l’utilisation du Pacte de Milan sur la politique alimentaire urbaine afin de faire avancer le travail sur la politique alimentaire, et celui des programmes alimentaires, à Toronto et Montréal.

FCR-RCN Launch of the Food Strategy Toolkit
October 13, 2021

In this webinar walk through the new FCN-RCN Food Strategy Toolkit and hear Barbara Emanuel and Anne-Marie Aubert as they share insights from their work in using the Milan Urban Food Policy Pact to push food policy and program work forward in both Toronto and Montrẻal.

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