Monika Korzun, Network Coordinator

Monika has been working in the Canadian food system space in various capacities since 2010 including academia, non-profit sector and private sector. Monika completed a PhD in Rural studies at the University of Guelph. Monika has research experience in a wide range of food related areas including food insecurity, food sovereignty, food value chains, food education, ethno-cultural vegetables, labelling schemes, local food systems, Indigenous food systems and agricultural trade. Monika is passionate about continuously learning about food issues and passionate about contributing to a more resilient food system. Favourite vegetable: Kholarabi!

Moe Garahan
Moe Garahan, Project Director

Moe has been working on food and farming systems issues since 1995. Since 2004, Moe has been the Executive Director of Just Food, working with teams to integrate food access and food localism within the mixed urban and rural settings of the Ottawa region. Focused on community development and community economic development approaches, Moe has facilitated the establishment of many ongoing food initiatives (including Just Food and FCN-RCN).  Favourite vegetable:  Broccoli! 

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