Welcome to the Food Communities Network.

Food Communities Network – Réseau Communautés Nourricières (FCN-RCN) facilitates sharing ideas, knowledge, tools and experiences around building food resiliency and decreasing food insecurity, networking a wide diversity of communities coast-to-coast-to-coast, in both French and English.

FCN-RCN connects four core groups of actors working on community-wide solutions in their large, small, rural and remote cities/municipalities/towns/regions: 

  • Food policy groups (FPGs)* working at local levels (informal or formal)
  • Leadership and staff within Indigenous and settler governance tables 
  • Public Health workers
  • Community-wide, non-profit, social purpose groups working on broader food system and/or governance issues 


We encourage all of the above to connect within this free network, share and gather expertise, and assist in creating space where all communities feel respected and safe in sharing their stories, experiences, and knowledge, so that we can move further, faster through collaboration.

*Food Policy Groups (FPGs) in this network refers to formal or informal groups or networks of residents, non-profit organizations, businesses and government working together to address issues across the food system, primarily through policy or programs, at the local, community-wide, band/city/municipality/county/territory/region level. The term FPG captures food policy councils, food systems alliances, food strategy tables, neighbourhood food networks, food justice initiatives and others.


Food Communities Network   |   Réseau Communautés nourricières   |   2021

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